Fashion Forward: Matt Lauer’s Love for Chokers

By What's Trending Staff
On NBC's Today Show, Matt Lauer shares his love for chokers.
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  • Who doesn’t love metrosexuality?

    When discussing the fashion trend of chokers on a segment called What’s Trending (Oh hey! That’s our name too!) in the Today show, host Matt Lauer made an unexpected reveal—he was wearing one right then and there!

    “I don’t know if you all knew this, but chokers for men are a thing too… but they’re late to the game, because guys, I’ve been wearing a choker for years,” he announced as he unbuttoned to reveal his secret.

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  • The accessory he was donning underneath was a simple black choker.

    His colleagues on Today reacted with amusement, with one quipping, “Bringing metrosexual to new heights!”

    “How many chokers do you have?” a co-host asked. We don’t know the answer, but you can never have too many, right?

    Matt Lauer’s fashion statement reveals his comfort zone goes beyond that of many men. Usually, even the trendiest of straight men don’t venture beyond earrings and turtlenecks. We think Matt is pulling it off. For now, we’ll see if this trend lasts for men.

    Bravo, Matt, bravo.

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