Bernie Sanders’ Big Tweet Inspires A Big Meme

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  • The internet’s socialist boyfriend, Bernie Sanders, became a meme earlier this week after bringing in a gigantic print out of a Donald Trump tweet to the Senate Floor.

    The Tweet in question had Trump promising to keep Medicaid and Social Security, which Bernie brought in to pressure Trump into keeping his promises as the GOP was planning to dismantle the health care programs which give so much hope in the light of rising doctor’s bills and healthcare costs from corporations.

    This is a very important story. An important story that hopefully got a lot of attention because of that giant print out of a Tweet! I mean look at that thing! That’s beautiful! The comments began immediately on Twitter—

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  • And then the memes began! Many memes! Glorious memes! Memes of the Tweet being things that the Tweet… simply is not!

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  • Me? I liked The Simpsons ones myself.

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  • If this is what it takes for the internet to be informed, then so be it! Bernie, keep doing meme-able things! The world must be aware of man’s injustices to man!

    What’s your favorite Bernie Tweet? Any we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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