Smushing Your Face Into Bread Is The Internet’s New Meme/Artform

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  • The internet, at its best feels like an intense dadaist experiment. Wether you’re just eating peppers, or doing the dab, or like— anything on this list, you’re participating in one of the strangest artistic expressions this side of Andy Warhol! Where everyone gets fifteen minutes of fame, wether you want to or not!

    The brilliant woman at the other end of BreadFaceBlog on instagram is a prime example of this.

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  • It’s ridiculous how many there are on this woman’s page, going back thirty three weeks. The thing is like a massive artistic statement to the absurdity of life! Or it’s just a woman smushing her face into say— a fine raisin challah, a delicious glazed donut or a delicious poppyseed loaf.

    The videos are hashtagged #ASMR, which stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”, where a good feeling is triggered in a select few with the use of small sounds and sensations. The videos certainly have that aspect to them in a big way, but it’s not known wether this is for the artistic effect or on purpose.

    Long beautiful songs accompany each video, and we gotta say, we love them. This is the internet as it is meant to be — a showcase for the insane and odd that the non digital world can barely comprehend!

    Find more on the woman’s Instagram feed and be blown away by the absurdity of it all

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