This Washington Post Express’ Graphic Error Is Ridiculous

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  • Look, we here in the news grind understand how hard it is to deal with the ever shifting and quick schedule of what we do. Sometimes stories go out not checked as properly as they have to be and turn out to be fake. And other times we accidentally spend hours creating a male symbol instead of a female symbol in various graphic design programs for the million woman march.

    Yeah! Someone did that! The Washington Post Express on Thursday released a graphic to celebrate the march — a bold statement, meant to show many uniting to form the shape of that gender so maligned by our president elect — and yet have posted the wrong gender.

    H-how??? This isn’t just some kind of off typo, it’s an entire graphic that just happens to be the wrong one. They quickly took the tweet down but not before people could express their shock.

  • The Washington Post ran a correction—

  • but not before everyone knew— there was a graphic department out there who managed to have a brianfart that lasted hours on photoshop. Way to go all.

    Someday I will do it too. But today! Just— just some really cool entries.

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