British Royal Guard Meets Adorable Toddler Dressed as Him

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  • An adorable video was shot in England earlier today as a small toddler approached the Queen’s Royal Guard dressed in the classic red and black. The baby saluted the guard, the guard saluted the baby, and the duo split and went their separate ways, as two consummate professionals recognized one another across the way. Also, it’s a baby video and those are always great!

    I love this video, and I hope it begins a bold new trend — babies dressing up as the job they’re visiting. Baby visiting the doctor’s office? Dress them up as a tiny doctor. Baby visiting a toy store? Dress them up like a (sad) toy store employee. Baby visiting another baby? Dress that baby up as a baby! We’ll call it the “baby dress-up challenge!” Maybe it’ll join our list of stupidest challenges… that is, if you’re all brave enough to make it happen!

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