Weatherman Shows Off Defrosting Spray For All You Dads Out There

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  • Alright guys, sometimes What’s Trending posts a very special video. A special video for dads! This is an edition of What’s Trending is for Dads to enjoy with their kids! Because look—we know what dads love. Dads love fiddling in their toolshed, catching up on the affable charm of one Tom Hanks and of course— scraping ice off their windshields.

    And dads of the world, you have made the above video about ice scraping go viral.

    Weatherman Ken Weathers (no relation to the actual weather) shows how he can get the ice off of a windshield with one solution for his own making. More effective than the ice scraper, more effective than sitting in your car with defroster— he sprays from a bottle with a chemical compound and immediately the ice disappears. My God.

    Here is the solution as recounted by Ken Weathers in his now incredibly viral video—

    Windshield Defrosting Solution

    2/3 Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl)

    1/3 Water

    And Mix!

    Now kids of dads, look up. You see those tears of joy? That is the joy of dads who are delighted they no longer have to angrily defrost the car as they drives you off to school. Kids of dads, dads, car owners, you have weatherman Ken Weathers to thank for that.

  • So how about you? Are you going to be trying out this solution? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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