Key and Peele Return as Luther and Obama on Daily Show

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  • Luther, Obama’s Anger Translator, played expertly by Keegan-Michael Key and straight manned by Jordan Peele, has enjoyed an incredibly successful life for a sketch character. The character, who premiered on their show Key and Peele, essentially says the things that Obama, a calm uniter, simply can’t. Luther shouted at us through many a social issue, and most prominently, shared the stage with Barack Obama during a White House Correspondents Dinner, translating Obama’s anger about much of the current situation.

    Well, Obama has a lot to be angry about right now.

    With the election of Donald Trump threatening to undo so much of Obama’s progress, Keegan Michael Key came on The Daily Show to do what may be the final Obama/Luther sketch. According to the Trevor Noah interview, it was reportedly written by Key and Peele producer/writer Jay Martel right after the election to vent some tense feelings. You can see Luther trying his best to keep calm, but he’s unable too— nor is Obama for that matter who lets slip an annoyed remark or too as he himself can’t believe what the country has become.

    So all in all— a great sketch from Key and Peele!

    You can watch it above and the full Daily Show episode, along with Keegan-Michael Key’s interview with Noah here.

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