Jenna Bush Asks Pharrell About “Hidden Fences”, A Movie That Is Not Real

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  • Look, some of us watch the awards for the sights of the glorious and glamorous getting Golden Globes, and some of us are up there watching for those moments, those sweet sweet super weird moments. And oo baby we got one, when Jenna Bush, red carpet reporter and Bush daughter, asked Pharrell Williams if he was nominated for Hidden Fences.

    Ladies and gentlemen, he wasn’t. There is also no film called Hidden Fences. Maybe she was thinking of the movie Pharrell is nominated for— Hidden Figures — the story of the uncelebrated but vital African American women who worked on the Apollo 11 mission for NASA? Or maybe she was thinking of the Denzel Washington movie Fences, aka his adaptation of August Wilson’s hit play.

    Pretty embarrassing you guys!

    As for now, good luck Pharrell! Who knows, maybe this confusion will go all the way to the top and you’ll win for a movie that doesn’t exist! Anyway, listen to his song Runnin’, below, like everything he writes, it’s ridiculously fun.

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