Say Mama! New Video Reveals Genius Speaking Dog

Genius doggy shows he can do baby talk.
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  • “Mama!” In this new video, mom tries to encourage her baby to repeat after her. Little did she know, her baby was not the only one listening. We have all seen footages of dogs being dogs and doing really cute things, but have we seen one speak (other than in Cats v. Dogs)? We don’t think so.

    Well get ready for something new.

    When the mom says the word “mama”, hoping that her baby would mimic her, it was surprisingly the dog that understood what the mom wanted. Perhaps motivated by the food that she was holding out, the dog manages to utter the word, “mama”.

    We knew that dogs are our best friends, loyal, and lovable in general. But this video demonstrates that little Wally or Spot may be actually smarter than we think. We don’t know how smart this dog can be (I mean you saw those equations working out in his mind, right?), or what other words he could manage to utter, but one thing’s for sure: that baby better step up his game!

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