Mark Hamill as The Joker Reads Trump Tweets

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  • A lot of people are wondering, what’s the inspiration behind Donald Trump’s near incomprehensible strategy? It’s not Lincoln for sure, it’s not the measured anti Soviet eye of Reagan. It’s barely even Vladimir Putin. Yet maybe we have a clue when Trump’s ridiculous tweets are read aloud by a certain Clown Prince of Crime

  • Mark Hamill, an actor famed for playing Luke Skywalker, but also the voice of the Joker in the legendary Batman: The Animated Series posted an audio file of him reading Donald Trump’s weirdly spiteful New Year’s Eve greeting, in an idea originally conceived by comedy writer Matt Oswalt.

  • I mean, talking about people losing so badly on New Year’s certainly does sound like something the Joker would say. Mark Hamill relished the idea of playing someone as seemingly chaotic as his animated alter ego, but acknowledged also he’s not the only voice actor who found a character match for the ex-Apprentice Host. Voice actor Billy West — best known for his litany of voices on Futurama—has been reading Trump’s tweets as Zapp Brannigan for months now!

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