Spotify Posts Job Opening For Which Only Obama Can Apply

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  • What do you think? Does Barack Obama, the exiting, occasionally goofy, and much beloved 44th president of the United States have what it takes to become The President of Playlists? Spotify seems to think so!

    The entire thing started after Barack Obama joking that he was waiting for a job from Spotify saying, quote, “Cuz I know y’all loved my playlist”. We did love that playlist. It was great. Obama released one this summer — one for the night and one for the day (and the vice president did too). You know who else apparently loved Obama’s playlist? Spotify itself, baby! Upon hearing about Obama’s joke, Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek was quick to respond with the Tweet below.

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  • Indeed! Spotify posted a job specifically aimed at the president that only he can apply for. Necessary experience requires at least eight years running a highly regarded nation (check!) and having a Nobel Peace Prize (oh, he’s got one of those! Check!) and hinting that if he ever had Kendrick Lamar play at his birthday party, they would love to hear about it!

    But guess what Obama, I’m going to apply to it too!

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  • Heheh, got it in the bag! Although be careful Obama, I may not be your only competition!

  • Although, if Trump became president of playlists instead of you know— the United States, I would be extremely okay with that.

    What do you think of the story? Will I beat out Barack Obama for this job? Let me know in the comments or on @WhatsTrending and listen to Barak Obama’s original playlist below.

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