The Liquid Nitrogen Experiment

New video shows how liquid nitrogen can be used to flash freeze different products.
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  • Brrrrr. There’s cold, there’s dry ice, and then there’s liquid nitrogen. What’s that you ask? You’ll get to see it in action!

    Liquid nitrogen freezes thing to -320 degrees Fahrenheit immediately, and in a newly emerged video, an experimenter pours liquid nitrogen on different things, and lets them soak. Afterwards, he either uses a hammer to smash them or crumples them with his bare hands. Talk about awesome!

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  • After pouring the substance on fruits and vegetables, the experimenter soaks different them in a pan full of liquid nitrogen, and we can see the liquid bubbling up, as if it is boiling. It actually is: the boiling temperature for liquid nitrogen is well below room temperature.

    For the grand finale, we can see the experimenter flash freeze a can of Pepsi, and smash it with a hammer. Underneath the can, we see coke in a frozen state. Did anyone else crave a slushee seeing this? Or wanted to watch Frozen again?

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