The Hollyweed Sign Bandit Has Been Arrested

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  • Hollyweedsignend
  • Sure, life might feel great when you’re smoking that good Hollyweed. You might feel on top of the world when your mind if overcome with THC (the H stands for Hollyweed). But then you always come out of it. You come down. The Hollyweed wears off. You’re back in Hollywood. Also, if you’re the guy who defaced that sign, you were arrested by LA authorities this week, and that sucks too.

    The suspect. a Zachary Cole Fernandez, thirty years old, turned himself to Los Angeles authorities earlier this week and was charged with trespassing. Which is like— can that not be negated by the bringing joy to a nation via the vast Hollyweed prank? I just want us to live in a happier world.

    I’ll wait for you Zachary! Please make other words look like weed Zachary!

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