‘Arrested Development’ To Return Yet Again!

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  • I hope you’ve been working on your fantastic impersonation of a chicken, preferably in a safe space, because I have some very good news.

    Producer Brian Grazer announced that, after much rumor, they are close to a deal that would bring back Arrested Development. Grazer told Deadline that the chief hurdle that they had to overcome was catering to the busy schedules of the cast members of the show, whose successful careers have kept them busy. For example, Tony Hale plays a manservant on Veep (a pretty similar one to the character he played in Arrested Development), and Jessica Walter voices Malory Archer in Archer (ditto).

    As with everyone else, season four of was disappointing to me; it was a relic of what was once perhaps the greatest sitcom ever. Remember that moment when Charlize Theron’s character turned out to be Mr. F? Or remember George Michael’s continuous crush on his cousin, Maeby?

    But because it is Arrested Development, if they came out with a season 5, I would give it a chance. I miss Tobias and Gob, and I miss Lindsay’s self-centered but hilarious ways.

    Alright Arrested Development, you have my attention… don’t disappoint!

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