Trailer For New Mario Game, “Super Mario: Odyssey” Looks Insane

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  • The trailer for the new Super Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey, presented during a press conferences for the Nintendo Switch is absolutely bananas. We start out on a hustling and bustling New York City street that is clearly meant to take place in the real world. “Why in the real world, there is no Super Mario”, you cry! But wait Wait! Here he comes! Leaping out of the manhole!

    I myself have wondered, how can they top outer space, and I suppose going through various realities is the next obvious step! Go Mario, go!

    Also, it’s not New York City, but New Donk City. Is this a city where Donkey Kong rules over humans!? Guys, this game is freaking wild. I can’t wait.

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  • Like, why does it have a Bowser in a white tux? Is Bowser getting married to Peach and must showcase his virginal purity? That’s what it seems like! Please let this very much be the case.

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  • Also, what’s with the Blade Runner cinematography? This thing looks amazing!

    There is so much happening in this trailer, the ship that Mario uses to go through to different realities, the unbelievable array of villains and human beings that Mario interacts with (is Mario mutant? Cartoon man? Or is it the generic “real world” humans of New Donk City whom are weird?)

    Also Mario’s hat is alive in this one, I guess!

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  • So I can’t wait, but remember! It is a visit to the real world that brought down a man… who is like brother to Mario. I’m talking about Sonic the Hedgehog. Things got weird when Sonic entered our world and the games got sort of spotty. Remember Mario. If things get too hard… you must… escape from the city!

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  • I love this trailer. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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