Man Pays DMV With Wheelbarrow Full of Pennies

The man was angry with the DMV in Lebanon, Virginia due to the impenetrable bureaucracy. Talk about petty cash!
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  • Nick Stafford, from the great state of Virginia, rose to Internet fame after deciding to pay his $2,987.14 tax bill in pennies, which makes for almost 300,000 pennies. He transported 300,000 coins to his local DMV with five barrels.

    The amount of coins that the DMV received were so overwhelming that the coin-counting machines broke, and the staff had to count them by hand. Overall, this process took over twelve hours.

    Stafford’s grudge with the DMV began in September when he inquired to what district he must register his car; he was put on hold over an hour in a call center in Richmond. He was able to access the direct line to his local DMV through a Freedom of Information Act request, only to be hung up on. He sued the DMV three times in pursuit of punitive damages against the DMV, but a judge dismissed the cases.

    “It shouldn’t matter if you pay $300 per year in income taxes or pay $300,000 per year in income taxes like myself, because the backbone of a free democracy/republic begins with government transparency, period,” Stafford claimed.

    This is funny to us, but probably not to the DMV staff who had to count all the coins. And of course, this definitely would not help the slow and frustrating bureaucracy that we experience in the DMV (remember the staff at the DMV in Zootopia who were all sloths?). However, this does publicize the annoyance that citizens have to face day-to-day with this institution. And to be honest, I think the man is right in the aspect that government agencies should be more transparent, and citizens should have the right to pursue damages against government agencies for wasting their time and resources. I hope that the DMV in Lebanon, Virginia learns through this lesson next time not to hang up when a citizen calls to ask about their taxes or registration imposed upon them by law.

    On a lighter note: think about the laugh that those in the line at the DMV got when they saw barrels of pennies being rolled in. I would post that on my Snapchat real quick.

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