Nintendo’s Parental Control Video With Bowser Jr is Adorable

Never has turning off video games looked so much fun.
By Alex Firer

  • Leave it to the guys at Nintendo to make even the idea of not playing video games something fun!

    Along with the absolutely bananas Super Mario: Odyssey trailer, Nintendo released a video with their new parental control functions which, honestly, seem both understanding of the struggle of both the parents and the child. We see the parents however as Bowser, and his ne’er do well son Bowser Jr as the kid, who just wants to finish playing his game of Mario Kart 8.

    The new parental controls allow parents to remotely warn their kids to stop playing, set a timer and— worst case scenario — shut off the game. This will be very helpful for a lot of parents, but more than anything else, it’s so sweet to see more of the relationship between Bowser Jr and Bowser! They fight like normal kids and parents, they make up, and they seem to very much love each other. Beautiful.

    Again! They made not playing video games anymore extremely entertaining! But what do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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