SNL Implies We Are All Doomed In New Trump Cold Open

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  • SNL’s been knocking it out of the park with their political comedy as of late, which probably coincides with the fact that every real world event that happens seems like a nightmare from another dimension, but it’s still been amazing to watch.

    Here is no different, Alec Baldwin returns as his version of Donald Trump — a pockmarked, revolting, and plainly dumb man who has no clue what he’s doing here, and Beck Bennett returns as Vladimir Putin, threateningly brandishing the all powerful pee pee tape. Watching SNL cast members playing reporters, trying to ask all the goofy pee pee based questions we wish the media would dare to ask is very fun too.

    The most chilling line comes around the middle however. Sasheer Zamata tells Trump, “Twenty million people will lose their health coverage. People are going to die.” to which Trump answers, “Sweetheart, I’m about to be president, we’re all going to die.” Oof.

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