Sorry Eagles and Dolphins! Republican Don’t Care If You’re Endangered

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  • Sorry, cute little dolphins! You better swim to some other planet! Because the GOP is coming for you!

    Republican lawmakers have recently come out in support of overhauling the Endangered Species Act– some talking about repealing it completely, and some cutting it down so far that it might as well be repealed completely.

    The House GOP Natural Resources Chair Rob Bishop asserting that “This is not about the whale,” and that he would “love to invalidate” the Act. The Act preserves species that are threatened and endangered in the United States, which is not the case in many other places in the world. Why would anyone want to repeal this? Well, let’s read on.

    The Act, which has protected endangered species including but not limited to bears, turtles, wildcats, crocodiles, and America’s symbol, the bald eagle, has been under attack since its passage in 1973. It sort of survived due to Democratic lawmakers, the White House, and federal lawsuits from environmentalists. However, with the incoming Republican administration and a united House and Senate, some GOP lawmakers see an opportunity to curtail or repeal a legislation that they deem is detrimental to industrial growth.

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  • The bill passed Congress in 1973 in a virtual consensus, in part due to the public concern that bald eagles would be in imminent danger of extinction without action. The eagle was taken off the threatened and endangered list in 2007, as was the case for wolves.

    The wolf became an epitome of the problem critics have with this act. The Endangered Species Act, they argue, provides grounds for superfluous litigations even after species in question is no longer endangered. This including banning certain types of hunting (even for protection of one’s own livestock) and the critics argue it is grounds enough for a serious reform of the law.

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  • Nevertheless, many Twitter users have expressed their discontent at the prospect of changing or repealing the law, citing environmental concerns.

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  • Get him eagle! Get him! Yeah!

    So, what’s your opinion? Is the act good or due for an upgrade? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending!

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