Video For Young Thug’s ‘Wyclef Jeans’ Without Young Thug is a Masterpiece and Mess

This video -- a stressed out masterpiece which occurred when Young Thug did not show up for his own shoot-- has to be seen to be believed.
By Alex Firer
  • What happens when Young Thug doesn’t show up for his own music video shoot for his hit rap song Wyclef Jeans? The result is bizarre art. Nothing but b-roll, stream of consciousness sounding ideas, and stressed out commentary from the director, Ryan Staake.

    We begin with a video from Ryan from an earlier talk with Young Thug where he outlines his ideas for the video, and the video follows his train of thought, going from expensive foreign cars to kids sized cars, and the video outlines all of it, helpfully outlining where Young Thug would be in the video if he came to the set.

    We then get some bananas and stressed out b-Roll— little kids destroying a police car, models recording obscene references to Darren Aronofsky films, all while the crew and cast live out their own financially stressful reliving of Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting For Godot”.

    The only shot of Young Thug in this is of him eating Cheetos two months after the shoot is over. Beautiful.

    In the great history of projects falling apart, there is Terry Gilliam’s Man of La Mancha, which inspired a great documentary, Charlie Kaufman’s Adaptation, which inspired a movie about his inability to write it, and this music video for Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jeans”. Watch it, and as good as the intended shoot could have been, this unbelievable thing is truly one of a kind.

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