Are Any of You Ready for the Donut Cake?

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  • We here at What’s Trending are huge fans of insane food goof em ups. From the turducken to the hot sauce challenge — there is nothing we will not gaze at— in fear or affection — as we imagine putting it down our throats, only to have either steam flow out from our ears or our eyes gazing at the sky with joy. Now — we have another treat on the table. Everyone, get your bibs on your necks. We introduce to you… the donut cake.

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  • The Donut Cake— if looks are to be believed — is a big pile of donuts with a candle on the top. The candle makes it a cake! The pile makes it a cake! And the donuts? Well brother those bring that donut joie de vivre! Some people decorate their donut cakes. Some people feel the donut cake must be pure. A big donut pile, man. Anything else is just donutkill, which is what we call overkill in this brave new donut world, my man. Oo baby! Sweet sweet quadro-sugar!

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    Happy Wedding, here is a donut cake.

  • What do you think of the donut cake? Are there hearts in your eyes and love in your heart? Write that love in the comments. Tweet your donut love to us at @WhatsTrending. And guys? You have a delicious donut eating day.

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