Trump’s 2020 Slogan Is Straight From ‘The Purge’

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  • Trump recently sat down with The Washington Post to discuss how he came up with the four words that propelled him into office – “Make America Great Again.” In fact, half way through his interview, Trump decided on his slogan for reelection in 2020.

    “Are you ready?” he said. ‘Keep America Great,’ exclamation point.”

    Unfortunately for Trump, his 2020 slogan was already used in 2016 by the minds behind The Purge: Election Year.

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  • The Purge trilogy is based on an alternate reality in which all crimes are legal for one night a year. When Election Year was released, audiences couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the presidential campaign in the film, and, well, the presidential campaign in real life (e.g., a blonde, female senator lobbies to end the purge).

  • As comparisons began floating around online, writer James DeMonaco confirmed that the similarities between the film and election were not accidental during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. At the time, the film’s tagline was a direct response to “Make America Great Again,” and his since fallen into the hands of Trump’s camp, who are already working to trademark it.

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  • What do you think of Trump’s 2020 slogan? I’m still trying to decided whether his second term or similarities to The Purge are more frightening. Leave us a comment below or tweet us at @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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