Super Weird Photo of Trump ‘Writing’ Speech Lampooned

With a closed marker, empty face, and weird single notepad, Trump's obviously staged photo of him trying to write a speech has been mocked endlessly on Twitter.
By Alex Firer
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  • I’m not ready to admit Twitter in trouble, but now that it’s the #1 forum for the big baby who’s going to be a BIG president, we have no idea where it’s going to go. However, one thing it’s always dependable for is churning out sweet burns in record time!

    The latest? Donald Trump, living punchline and threat, proclaimed that he will be writing his own speech in a Tweet where he also referred to his resort the Mar-a-Lago as the “Winter White House” (ugh).

    As strange as all that, its the photo of him — face completely blank, a closed marker (a sharpie!? Who writes on notepad paper with a sharpie!?) and the most obviously empty piece of paper on the planet. Twitter had a field day with the results.

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  • Although again — that face! Having that photo released the same day as Trump’s wax statue is released is some ridiculous timing. As Twitter user and comedy writer @HelloCullen pointed out, it’s hard to tell the guy in the photo and the statue apart, and not because it’s particularly good. I dunno, maybe wax statue makers were always destined to make themselves a Trump!

    Also, for some reason this super staged photo was taken in the lobby of the Mar-a-Lago. Good luck writing in your big notebook, man!.

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