Queer Dance Party Outside of Mike Pence’s House As Protest

A queer dance party, organized by Werk for Peace, was organized outside of famed anti-LGBT governor and soon to be vice president Mike Pence's home in Washington D.C.
By Alex Firer
  • It is two days before Mike Pence, a governor most famed for his unbelievably repressive ideas about both gay rights and reproductive rights, is to be signed into the vice presidency, the queer community formed a protest outside of his house, showcasing their pride and joy in the purest way possible: a dance party.

  • It was a beautiful sight, as many gay, queer, transgender, lesbian or allies dances it up to protest Pence. The event was arranged in large part by Werk for Peace and DisruptJ20, and it was backed up by a truck blasting Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and many other fabulous icons as Werk for Peace‘s founder Firas Nasr shouted “Daddy Pence, come dance!”, from the roof of a car. The part was originally advertised on Facebook, and Firas implies there is more to come

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