Insane Person/Redditor Gives His Cat 11,453 Stern Looks

Redditor Gus Johnson has made a promise to the internet, and guys, Gus intends to fulfill it.
By Alex Firer
  • The internet can sometimes feel like a mad artistic experiment, wether its women who mash their face into bread or, in this case, a man who is giving his cat 11,453 stern looks.

    Redditor Gus Johnson made a deal with the people of the internet. His cat, Wendy? Why his cat has been bad. Drank out of the toilet, you know. Big pet crime. This means Wendy must get stern looks. Stern angry looks. But how many stern looks? Gus Johnson let the people of Reddit decide that, promising to give as many stern looks to his sweet little kitty as the post gets upvotes. Well, just before the mods removed it, the post had 11,453 upvotes. Which means but one thing– 11,453 stern looks.

    Gus records it because, as he insists, he is not a bamboozler! His mom tries to get him to take a break, and maybe not do something so weird. But Gus is a man of his word! He promised to give the cat 11,453 looks, and you know what? The man gave the cat 11,453 stern looks. Even as the cat ran away and messed with the camera — stern looks were given. All in time to get his wisdom teeth taken out at 4pm. Nice!

    Congratulations Gus Johnson. I hereby, as editor of the What’s Trending blog, crown you as Officially Not A Bamboozler. Please take this award and show it off to the world.

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