New President Quotes Batman Villain Bane In Inauguration Speech

This bodes well for everyone, I think. Yes.
By Alex Firer
  • We’re on the internet here, so what, we’re not going to notice when a president with a large hate group following quoted Batman villain, Bane?

    So, which part of Bane’s speech? And which Bane? The crazed South American asylum escapee from the comics whose blood is filled with Venom, or the mad brute whose work for the Al-Ghuls is infinite and deep? Well, sort of both.

    The direct quote is from The Dark Knight Rises, specifically when Bane says “And we give it back to you, the people”, but beyond that, Jezebel is quick to point out that the meat of the speech is the same, as Trump and Bane both promise to take America/Gotham back from the rich, and look— can we same Bane at least had questionable motives? Is that allowed? Can we say Bane maybe didn’t have Gotham’s best interests in mind?

    Anyway, this is a fun quote, because Trump also used America First, a famed American Nazi quote in the speech as well, and Bane is fake and Nazis are not!

    I choose to think this wasn’t the only ill fated comic book reference in the speech. All these references to American Carnage makes me think that whomever wrote Trump’s speech is just lovingly gazing at a gallery of comic book villains, thinking of the next terrible reference to make.

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  • Great. This will be the only allusion to anything fun Trump will say today, so enjoy it now guys. Batman is fun! Living under Bane probably isn’t, but Batman is fun!

    What do you think? Did whomever write Trump’s speech purposefully put in Bane’s words or is this just one of those happy coincidences that seems to always happen around this dude? Maybe it’s a dog whistle to the followers of movie version Ra’s al Ghul.

    Anyway, tell me what you think in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.