Stephen Colbert Bids Farewell to Obama on ‘The Werd’

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  • As we get ready for four years with Donald Trump, it’s important to also say farewell to the president who came before him, Barack Obama — or at least the era. Stephen Colbert does so on The Late Show with his non copyright breaking segment The Werd hosted by world famous pundit Stephen Colbert himself, at least one who bid farewell to his Comedy Central show way back when.

    That version of Stephen Colbert is of course the satirical conservative talking head who long hosted The Colbert Report (or at least legally, his identical twin cousin also named Stephen Colbert). Logistics aside, this is a fan favorite character whose fictional relationship with Barack Obama was complex— and a mirror of the GOP’s relationship with our now ex president.

    Colbert started of The Werd with a look back at the president and how the GOP often opposed Barack Obama for the sake of opposing, and the thing that often united the conservative party, and without him the conservative party is without direction. It’s the kind of hard hitting satire we’ve missed from the Colbert character, and it was welcoming to see him make an appearance on the show.

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