Casey Neistat Broadcasts From The Inauguration

Casey Neistat fulfilled his promise to broadcast from the inauguration, and the video is very interesting.
By Alex Firer
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  • As you remember, some time ago Casey Neistat was wondering what he should do at the inauguration. He was collecting ideas from his viewers, and saying, on CNN’s dime, he could do whatever he wanted. Finally the video was released, and surprisingly, what the people wanted from him had nothing to do with the actual inaugural event.

    What follows is something nicely human. Casey Neistat takes to the street. There are Trump supports being painfully rude to him, there are normal people who muse on Trump and why they like him or not, and there are protests. All in all, it’s a surprisingly calm snapshot of an unbelievably divisive time in American history. For a guy known on the internet for his very strong viewpoints, Casey Neistat delivered an actually subdued portrait of the event.

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