Marker Stick Figure Come to Life–with the Magic of Water

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  • As you might have heard, we can do some pretty interesting things with water, but have you ever seen this trick?

    A new video shows how one can bring a stick figure to life without special effects. All we need is water! In the video, the stick figure is drawn on a glossy surface. Afterwards, water is poured on the stick figure, and like magic, it starts to move around effortlessly, almost like it has been animated. Has anyone told Pixar about this?

    This new video is sure to get some people to try this cool trick at home. It’s also a good trick to remember for a party or a gathering, and I myself may try it when I’m bored at home. Just be sure you’re using a non-soluble marker, and go nuts!

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  • Will you try this trick at home? What did you think of the video? Let us know @WhatsTrending!

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