DIY Harry Potter Fan Makes His Own Nimbus 2000 Broom

It's a 17 year-old model, but the Nimbus 2000 is a classic.
By Whatstrending
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  • If you are into DIY and the Harry Potter saga, you’re in luck.

    We all know the popularity of Harry and friends, and we’ve seen merchandizes from famous Butterbeer to the oak wand. And now, we add the grand Nimbus 2000, the broom that Harry flew on for Quidditch in the first two books, to the list!

    This broom was made by a man for his friend’s kid, which is so sweet and thoughtful. He has recorded the process of making this magnificent thing, with a series of photographs and captions explaining it.

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  • The captions are detailed, perhaps showing that the creator wouldn’t mind if someone replicated his techniques. One read, “Make a stencil. I based this off of pictures from the first movie and measured ratios. Funny thing I learned while studying it. There are multiple styles to the Nimbus 2000 Harry used in the first movie depending on the shot. It changes shapes.”

    Harry won the hearts of Gryffindor students by catching the Golden Snitch on this broom in the very first book. Although he replaced the Nimbus 2000 with a Firebolt after the broom was destroyed, the Nimbus will always be the OG broom in our minds. For the Quidditch players who want a broom just like the movies, maybe this DIY project is not a bad idea!

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