Dubai Firefighters Started Using Jet Packs

Like a superhero-to-the-rescue, these badass firefighters are floating in air putting out fires.
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  • What if you could be an awesome firefighter and ride jet packs at the same time? Now, that dream can be realized if you are work for the Fire Department in Dubai, UAE.

    The Dubai Civil Defense started to use jet packs that propel water to help firefighters put out fires on boats and bridges, referred to as the “Dolphin” system. In the video released by Dubai Media Office, we can see a firefighter rushing to the emergency in a jet ski, then use the jet pack to propel himself up to the bridge. All we can say is, wow that looks fun.

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  • Of course, the job that these firefighters do are serious and dangerous, but we can’t help but wonder how fun it would be to use jet packs to float above water.

    According to officials, the “Dolphin” system comes as an innovative measure for firefighters to save time from traffic, and never run out of water. We also can’t help but think: why isn’t this everywhere?! This is awesome!

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