Man Prints Out His Own Gif

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  • This man on the internet, in his attempt to make the internet physical at long last, turned the popular internet gif of “Homer Simpson disappearing into the bushes”, often meant to show someone leaving an awkward conversation, into a physical gif, or a “flip-book” as we call them.

    Ah yes, the “flip book”, all you babies born in 2014 who read this may not know, but when all of us elderly writers were cool teens like you, it was a collection of tiny postcard shaped papers that, when stapled together, created an “animation”. And now, the internet using age needs them again.

    This portable gif will be helpful for anyone wanting to exit a conversation in a lighthearted way, on the train, when your phone is out of batteries, or on a plane. Let’s say my phone is dead and I want to tell someone I love their smile. Well. I just pull out my flipbook of THIS!

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  • Or maybe you want to cheer someone on, but only the Minions will do, well you pull out a flipbook of THIS!

  • Minions

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  • These portable gifs are going to revolutionize the world. Next we’ll have portable books, and portable music, maybe on a portable version of the image of that CD-Rom that I keep seeing on Spotify. I will call it… the CD-Rom.

    I have good news. I made a digital version of this man’s physical gif. I know you cannot wait. Here it is.

  • Homergoingintothebushes

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  • But this is so cool and silly, I love it. What do you think of this man making his own Gif? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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