Greenpeace Hangs “Resist” Sign Behind the White House as Protest

The sign is a response to the presidency of Donald Trump and -- amongst other things -- his regressive attitude towards climate change.
By Alex Firer
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  • Greenpeace this morning has hung a sign on a crane behind Trump, saying, “Resist”, as a response, amongst other things, to his anti-fact view on climate change.

    It’s ridiculous, but I guess inevitable, that out of all the forces coming out to protest Trump, it’s been environmental groups that have been the most effective. They’re the ones most aware of just how little time the Earth has left with the melting of the ice caps on the horizon.

    Trump’s has started off his presidency terribly, with one of the most prominently public meltdowns over something as trivial as inauguration size, and a gag order on the social media staffs of national parks, who do something as minor as just Tweet facts about the environment. As a response, the National Parks Twitter team set up an independent feed, from which it continues to Tweet.

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  • That and his attack on the environment has been nothing short of dumb and surgical all at once, with his reinstating of the Dakota Access Pipeline and generally his promises to pull out of the Paris Accords.

    Those who work on the construction around the White House were amazed by the protestors, saying they seemed like professionals, knowing just how to climb up while circulating their blood correctly and such.

    This is another act of resistance following the historically massive Women’s March which took place in cities all over the world. It will be interesting to see what kind of rebellion pops up next.

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