Glitch Based Graphic Dances To Michael Jackson

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  • It’s an increasingly bleak world, we need to find joy. We need to find music. Yes, we need to look… to this computer student’s video game graphic glitch being set to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Beautiful. Brilliant. A new movement is at hand. A movement of dance.

    Yes friends, gather round this mad creation, the digital world’s imperfection put on display as you gaze upon the unknowable, the unforeseeable — look into the eye— of a tiny digital mutant hitman wiggling along with movements!

    Friends, what a delight, what a thrill, what a miserable metaphor for everything human in our lives! For are we not just shaking digital beings trying to make the most out of it!?

    What a time to be alive. And also be a digital dancing man in someone’s student film. What a time.

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