ASAPScience Gives Us The Skinny On Nuclear Warfare

Hmm, I wonder why they chose now to release these though. Hmm...
By Alex Firer
  • In a week where the Nuclear Scientists warned that we have never been closer to a full scale nuclear war since 1952 due to a strikingly incompetent leader, the question of survival has been on people’s minds. Luckily we have ASAPScience to help us in short videos, as they give us charming, but absolutely sobering rundowns for what a nuclear war will look like, then in a separate video, tips on how to survive it.

    The nuclear war video gives us a sobering series of statistics— what radius of the radiation will do the most damage, what kind of bomb will hurt us the most, and what will probably be the most likely thing to kill us (apparently, flying debris!). Then in the follow up video (below), they give us more advice. Remove your clothing to get rid of excess radiation. Be prepared to be divided in between those who will die quickly or slowly. It’s a dry video for a possibility that I wish seemed more far off. In any case, thank you ASAPScience.

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