Slow Mo Guys Blow Up Some Footballs

By Alex Firer
The football: a ball that very much has it coming. Especially in slow mo!
  • When it comes to things getting bigger or smaller, blowing up, or any other act of transformation in slow motion, I don’t know about you, but I turn to the Slow Mo guys! Remember when they blew up a computer!? Well you know what’s even more blow uppable than a computer? That’s right. You’ve all guessed it! A soccer ball! Maybe a football too. I guess it depends on what continent you’re from!

    Well, worry not both European and American readers, for the slow mo guys have blown up both in this very video!

    Gawk in awe as a mere football spills its dusty guts all over the place! Gaze in awe as a soccer ball turns more into a soccer rag! Hell, I took a screen grab of the rag based image below! Look upon it! I implore you! Look! Look!

  • Slowmo thumb

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  • Aw, heck yeah Slow Mo Guys! Aw, heck yea!

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