Mouthless, Buttless, Creature Named Early Relative Of Man

Could this insane monster thing be our grandfather??
By Alex Firer
  • Saccorhytuscoronarius wt
  • Mouthless, buttless— human!?!? Or at least a far off clue to the roots of humanity. The scientists have discovered the saccorhtus coronarius, a one millimeter long deuterostome. What does that mean exactly? Well, hold on you guys. Unlike this bizzare animal who has no mouth with which to speak, but still deserves your respect— I will tell you.

    The creature is a small sac and the wrinkles around its body show the earliest sign of the human throat — and its ability to stretch as it swallows. But we just like it for its weird horror elements. Hey, saccorhtus coronarius, my dear friend, you do you. My love goes out to you little tiny buttless rice grain. Live the life you deserve, and thank you for being my weird grandpa.

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