Jon Stewart Comes On Colbert To Discuss Executive Orders

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  • Whenever a crisis of national import hits our shores, we can count on one man to come. And to talk to us. To calm us about existence. And that man is of course, Jon Stewart wearing a taxidermied animal on his head doing his best Donald Trump impression.

    Glorious. When Jon Stewart showed up on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert he did so in the guise of an executive order mad Donald Trump, issuing biting executive orders with his satirical wit that has been— so so missed in these unbelievably difficult times. And the final order is inspiring — albeit in a very bittersweet way.

    Stewart ended his declaration by proclaiming that if we all survive this, it will prove America is great, just not in the way Trump would want it to be.

    Here’s hoping.

    Jon Stewart is currently developing a topical animated program for HBO and here’s hoping it comes out soon because damn if we don’t need this guy’s voice in the current discussion.

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