Arnold Schwarzenegger Savages Donald Trump After Weird Prayer Breakfast

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  • Escaped Stephen King villain Donald Trump had a very very busy February 1st. Yesterday his chief advisor, alt right creep Steve Bannon threatened war with China, Sean Spicer sort of threatened Iran, and during his phone call with Mexico, Trump threatened to send in the army to round up (ugh) bad hombres and somehow, somehow got into an argument with the prime minister of Australia.

    So what does an insane blowhard do to follow up on all of that? Why, he complains about getting replaced on the Apprentice during a breakfast prayer! I mean, of course that’s what he does? Why would he even dream of doing anything else? The man who was celebrated by evangelicals ended his speech by discussing just how low Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings are and asking people to do a prayer to make his ratings higher. Book of Job, it ain’t

    At this point, forget impeachment, what will it take for his core base to reject him!? Didn’t they jump down Obama’s throat for not wearing a flag pin?

    In any case, Arnold Schwarzenegger, right now celebrated as the first host of the apprentice to not threaten World War III fired back at Trump saying—Since e’s so good at ratings maybe they can switch places — Trump can come back to the Apprentice, Arnold can take over as president, and the American people can finally sleep at night.

    Trump. Please take the deal. I don’t even know what ridiculous international incidents were caused just as I was typing this sentence alone!

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