Buzz Lightyear fights Darth Vader in New Viral Video

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  • We’re all fans of Toy Story and Star Wars here on this world we call the internet, and we also love our fan films — but to see these two worlds combine!? Madness! Buzz Lightyear is just a toy! Darth Vader— also a toy— at least in our universe— but also a real Jedi in the movieverse? It’s all confusing. Luckily, this fan film is here to really nicely clean things up.

    This video, from the collective Nukazooka will answer these questions— and they do— in this cool fan film. Nukazooka tries to have its cake and eat it too, with Buzz Lightyear being both a space ranger and a toy with his ship seemingly made of plastic — but flying gloriously — and his laser both alternating as a blinking light and a weapon.

    Darth Vader, as always, is Darth Vader.

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