Aaron Paul Redeems Himself on Price is Right

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  • Redemption is a key and beautiful thing. We all deserve a second chance, wether it’s in life, competition, or Price is Right games you lost seventeen years ago before you became a gigantic star who on Breaking Bad and inspired us all by saying bitch a lot.

    Today you will see the incredibly specific latter of all of those after Aaron Paul went on The Price is Right to redeem himself after all these years, with James Corden in tow. Sure, it might be an easier than average game when your competition is a mop with a face on it, but still, victory is in Aaron Paul’s hands! As long as there aren’t any celebrity guests… any… Drew Carey guests and— oh my gosh! There’s Drew Carey!

    Sorry, Aaron Paul. But America is a country of third chances, and I’m sure you’ll be able to try again in 2034!

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