Look Upon: The Human Flipbook!

This guy tattooed a small animation on his body, and when he spins, you see a little cartoon on his skin!
By Alex Firer
  • Not since Disney delighted us all with a little mouse who whistles, have we seen something as beautiful as this— a clown pattern that rolls about in a manner most delightful, as tattooed on someone’s skin.

    The artist who designed his own tattoo— as seen in the above video, is from the animation studio Open the Portal, and has transformed himself into a living Zoetrope — i.e., a machine that as he spins, an animation on his body does as well. What a delight.

    Maybe I should get one as well. Would anyone want to see all the Kingdom Hearts cut scenes splayed on my skin and delightfully move as I spin around? What’s that!? No one would!? How tragic and sad! For now I will just delight in looking at this clown animation again and again.

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