How Many Balloons Will Get Jenna Marbles’ Dog Into Space?

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  • Jenna Marbles explores in her latest video just how many balloons it’ll tale to launch her beloved dog, Marble, into the cold depths of space. Or at least how many balloons it’ll take him to reach the ceiling

    Jenna Marbles is seen looking for just the right amount of balloons to lift her very sleepy and very sweet five pound dog. The final amount? It takes seventy two to lift the little guy off the ground. That’s so many balloons! How many balloons will it take to lift me!? Too many I guess.

    This is heartbreaking, as existing in the universe where I can buy a ton of balloons and cluelessly fly off into the sky has long been a dream of mine. I guess I’ll just have to settle to live in the universe with cute sleepy dogs in it. Actually, not a terrible deal!

    So, first stop the ceiling— next stop— space??

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