The Best Of 2017’s Super Bowl Commercials

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  • Ah the Superbowl, big day for sports players, big day for advertising campaigns, baby! The commercials for this Superbowl are coming quickly and delightfully, with some grabbing headlines for their progressive values (Budweiser, KIA), their surreal antics (the avocado ads), and the return of a very silly dog from the 80’s into the afterlife (somehow, also Budweiser).

    First up, is the commercial from Budweiser, showcasing its founders origins as an immigrant— which drew praise for supporting immigration during these trying times.

  • Beautiful, but more importantly, Spuds McKenzie the beer drinking party dog is back as a ghost, so I know what’ll draw me in to drinking more Budweiser, personally.

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  • Good work, Spuds! In your ghostly honor I will get drunk with slightly more classy panache this time around! Up next, are you a teenager who loves cell phone coverage? Because Justin Bieber is here selling T-Mobile and I think we are all collectively the better for it.

  • I don’t know why, but cleaning product Mr. Clean wants us to want to have sex with Mr. Clean, and to this I say, friend, this is still America!

  • Busch Beer today revealed that its beer might be healthier than freshwater. I should say here that it isn’t, but I can’t help but appreciate the audacious marketing.

  • Okay, what else? Oh! Here’s Melissa McCarthy selling KIAs as goofily as possible! Go, MM, go!

  • Then, a big egg helped us do our taxes, and Gronk demanded we buy Tide and we were like, okay.

  • GoDaddy seems to have dropped it’s bananas sexist advertising to showcase the best of the Old Internet memes. Ah Rickrolling! I miss you so!

  • Avocados gives us a two minute long sketch about how the Illuminati wants us to eat sweet guac. (If we have to be ruled by an illuminati, I’m glad this is what they want from us— oh is that Jon Lovitz at the end there too?)

  • Every year, pistachios want to upset us a little bit with their ad, and their giant CGI elephant befriending NFL pro Richard Sherman gets the job done nicely.

  • Meanwhile, Gal Gadot and Jason Statham star in a tiny action movie for Wix…

  • Febreeze tries to sell us on the joys of taking a big old poop which like— you didn’t have to ask me twice Febreeze! I’m alll sooold!

  • The new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer demands we know Groot says the F-word when he says “I am Groot”.

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    Here’s a Squarespace ad where John Malkovich references beloved indie film Being John Malkovich, and somewhere Charlie Kaufman weeps.

  • Also, here’s Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake selling juice.

  • Lovely. There will be more to come, but which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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