Melissa McCarthy Finds Role of a Lifetime as Sean Spicer on SNL

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  • SNL, in recent months, has risen as a key force in satire about the current administration — in a way it maybe never has been in its entire nearly four decade run. Melissa McCarthy comes in as a near perfect personification of Sean Spicer as a tiny idiot man child who swallows a big old wad of gum every day. Really, it’s just insane to see how good Melissa McCarthy is at this kind of weird role as a power hungry personified human pin cushion — and as a tiny headed dude. Oh man. She should play someone like this in a movie. Bless.

  • Additionally, SNL had an incredible cold open, and all it had to do, as it tends to do, was just list what Trump did this week and add some spice for flavor. In the sketch Trump shouts down Australia, threatens to make Mexico pay for the wall, and showed just how miserable our relationships with our neighboring countries has gotten. But ah, ah, it was all worth it to see Donald Trump chewed out by Kenan Thompson playing the president of Zimbabwe, and chilling to see Steve Bannon played by the specter of death. Haha, he said the live to New York part. We can beat this guy.

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