Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer: The Secrets

By Alex Firer
We break down the secrets and clues in the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer.
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  • I know you’re all still reeling from the incredible glory that was Stranger Things Season One. The unique energy, the chemistry of the kids, the 80’s vibe, and the brilliant thread of The Upside Down. If you wanted some clues as to how our new favorite horror/sci fi show was going to top things, look no further than the trailer in Season 2. The trailer for Season 2 has clues, hints and concepts that we will explore to help give us an idea…

  • Oh Hey, Eleven’s Back

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    Oh hey Eleven’s back! I think. After seemingly sacrificing her life to stop the Demigorgon in Stranger Things Season One, Eleven’s eyes are open, and her nose is bleeding, which means her psychic powers are in bloom… and the fact that she’s upside down in that photo may hint at where she is (The Upside Down itself. Good luck, Eleven.)

  • Plus, tha Eggo commercial…

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    Plus, that Eggo commercial… we know Eleven loves her Eggo Waffles, but the addition from the boy in the commercial, as he describes a terrifying monster, not unlike the one seen later in the trailer, hints that something greater, creepier and more terrifying is coming and that Eleven will be involved. Of course.

  • Who Is That Creature?…

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    We see some sketches of it. A creature with gigantic far reaching octopus like legs. We see also see a nightmarish silhouette. But what could it be a silhouette of? We got some clues from the drawing above, but also, some fans are pointing to this creature from the end of Stranger Things Season One —

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    The Thesselhydra! A multi headed beast seen in the Dungeons and Dragons game the kids play at the end of Season 1! Could it have been that final D+D game was a warning of things to come? I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see…

  • The Year is 1984…

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    Additionally we know the show takes place in 1984, one year after the events of Season One of Stranger Things, and— give the Ghostbusters costumes the kids are wearing — we can assume it takes place around Halloween (or at least begins around Halloween). The October 30th day on the television screen says as much. Or maybe the kids just dress like Ghostbusters when they go to school now every day. Hey, anything is possible in Stranger Things!

    Plus, on a sadder note, it looks like Will is the one being studied this time around! Good luck, Will.

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  • All that, and a Close Encounters Reference…

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    Plus, let’s not forget the references! Ah those beautiful references from season one are still going be here for us super nerds to pick over! Here is a reference to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, when the kid in the classic Spielberg movie opens the door to reveal the fiery orange glow of the UFO’s, and here the door is opened for a similarly orange glow from a different kind of monster.

  • Wow! Any that we missed? Are you psyched for the new season? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.