Hey Guys, Kanye Hates Trump Now

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  • Surprise, surprise. It seems as though Kanye’s love affair with president Trump is over.

    Previously, Kanye West, our favorite rap star and controversy stirrer, showed support for president Trump. He announced in his concert during the Saint Pablo Tour that if he were to vote, he would have voted for Mr. Trump. He also met with Trump after the election, and wrote positive tweets about him.

  • However, after the chaotic first two weeks of Mr. Trump’s presidency, it seems as though Kanye has changed his mind. In a move to distance himself from Trump, Kanye has removed tweets that reference the new president.

    Deleted tweets include ones about his desire to discuss “multicultural issues” with the president, and ones encouraging people to have “direct line of communication” with Trump. Looks like the talks didn’t go as planned.

    Kanye’s move comes after a weekend filled with mayhem after the president announced an unconstitutional executive order banning Muslims. A federal judge has placed an injunction against the order, and the Court of Appeals has affirmed his judgment.

  • Kanye, by the virtue of being Kanye, is known for doing controversial things. Remember what he said after Hurricane Katrina? Remember the VMAs with Taylor Swift? We imagine it might give Kim a headache here and there, but we’re sure she knows by now that Kanye will always Kanye. However, it seems as though the new president and his actions are too crazy even for the Golddigger star. Who knows? Maybe Kanye will run against him for 2020. The idea seemed wacky a year and a half ago, but after this election, we can say for certain that we live in an unpredictable world. Kanye 2020!

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