Doctors Removed Cockroach From Woman’s Brain!

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  • Doctors recently removed a cockroach which crawled into a woman’s brain through her nose, and in case you were worried there was no video of the event, I have unbelievably good news. We do have video of the event! If you wanted to witness a Cronenbergian nightmare in front of your very eyes, look above!

    A 42 year old woman in India, according to Gizmodo, complained of a crawling sensation within in her had. This is bad. The doctors saw it crawling around in between her eyes and near the base of her brain. This is also bad. But they removed it— using a great amount of suction and precise forceps, which is nice. But we can’t ignore. That in the first place. A cockroach crawled up a woman’s nose and had itself a grand old time. Badness all around.

    Well, at least you can watch the disgusting procedure above!

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