See Bison Frolic In Their Original After 150 Years Away

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  • What could be more relaxing that just watching beautiful animals frolic? That’s exactly what you’re going to get in this entry, friend! Canada has made plans for sixteen bison to be returned to their home in Banff, Alberta. And if you think it’s easy to ship sixteen bison — some pregnant no less— watch the video, and be in for a surprise!

    The Bison are shipped in via helicopter, and it will make your heart melt, and your blood pressure lower to see all of them run out at once to play and frolic in the wide open fields. Sigh. I wish I was a bison! What I wouldn’t do to be able to run through the snow right now. Ah, but to dream.

    The bison have been shipped to Elk Island national park, and this is a big deal! In the nineteenth century, these bison came very close to being hunted into extinction. They’re being released now into a 460 square mile area to roam and play and, with any luck, repopulate. Godspeed, little bison. I believe in you.

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