Chance the Rapper’s “Same Drugs” Video Is A Trippy Delight

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  • In an increasingly complex world, there is one force we can count on: Chance the Rapper’s never ending greatness. Chance the Rapper has had an unbelievable year — with the release of The Coloring Book, his official debut album, a memorable SNL appearance, singing on the breakout track on Kanye West’s Live of Pablo, his surprise Christmas mixtape, and also he’s appeared in this Kit Kat ad.

  • Nice. And the Chance the Rapper train keeps on rolling with this fantastic video for The Coloring Book‘s ‘Same Drugs’. The song, a wistful ode to the pain of growing older and growing apart from the loves of your past — in Chance’s case, a specific woman. The video illustrates this further as Chance is the one human in a world of strange puppets. It looks odd to him, and feels odd besides. It’s a beautiful and strange video. Completely eye catching, and completely memorable. We will be sure to remember “girl who Chance grew apart from” in the weird puppet hall of fame.

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